3D Vision
3D Vision Videos

NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ allows you to view immersive, 3D videos on your PC using the NVIDIA 3D Video player software. This software is installed when you run the 3D Vision Demonstration Disc included in your 3D Vision Glasses Kit or is preinstalled on your 3D Vision PC. You can also download the player from the NVIDIA Drivers Downloads page. Please keep visiting this page as we will be updating this page with more content.

3D Vision Sample Movies
  • The following movies require the latest Microsoft® Windows® Media Video codec, which are included in the Windows Media Player 11 download.
  • Most of the movies are available in multiple resolutions. NVIDIA recommends using a dual-core CPU for 576p and 720p videos, and a quad-core CPU for 1080p videos.
  • All videos are copyrighted and are solely intended for private use.

Knight’s Quest 3D

Knight’s Quest 3D
Download: 576p (52 MB)

Author: Benjamin Smith
Copyright: Red Star Studio Ltd.
Katana 3D

Katana 3D
Download: 720p (73 MB)

Author: Alex Voigt
Copyright: Alex Voigt
Download: 576p (15 MB)
Summer in Heidelberg

Summer in Heidelberg
Download: 576p (182 MB)

Author: Meinolf Amekudzi
Copyright: Dongleware
Mouldpenny at Schwimm­bad­club

Mouldpenny at Schwimm­bad­club Heidelberg, Germany
Download: 576p (142 MB)

Author: Meinolf Amekudzi
Copyright: Dongleware, Mouldpenny

Download: 1080p (96 MB)

Author: Werner Bloos
Copyright: Werner Bloos
Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Upper Middle Rhine Valley
Download: 576p (822 MB)

Author: Detlef Krause
Copyright: Cinovent GmbH and