3D Vision



Q:  What is NVIDIA 3D Vision Discover?
A:  NVIDIA 3D Vision Discover is a complete stereoscopic 3D solution consisting of custom 3D drivers, 3D media viewers, and optimized anaglyph red/blue glasses that deliver incredible 3D clarity on any desktop LCD. This solution, when paired with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU, immerses you in a world where games, movies, and photos come to life on screen in eye-popping 3D.
Q:  How is this different from the original NVIDIA 3D Vision?
A:  The original 3D Vision kit which includes wireless, active shutter glasses were designed for an even more immersive high-definition, hi-fidelity gaming experience and work with 120Hz LCDs and 3D Ready DLPs.
Q:  How are 3D Vision Discover glasses different than standard anaglyph red/blue glasses?
A:  The 3D Vision Discover glasses are NVIDIA custom designed anaglyph red/blue glasses, with optimized lens filters to maximize the stereoscopic 3D effect. These filters are calibrated to enable stereoscopic 3D on any desktop display while using the GeForce GPU’s programmable shaders for real-time color processing. This solution achieves the high quality anaglyph 3D available by retaining as much color fidelity as possible while eliminating ghosting, completely immersing you in the experience.
Q:  Does 3D Vision Discover require the use of an NVIDIA GPU?
A:  Yes, 3D Vision Discover requires an NVIDIA GPU for all interactive, real-time content. All 3D data—games, movies, photos, and even consumer applications—are processed by the GeForce GPU's programmable shaders and rendered in 3D in real-time.
Q:  What exactly is interactive real-time 3D content?
A:  Real-time 3D content is content such as games and consumer applications that must be processed, converted, and rendered in real-time, allowing users to interact with this content. NVIDIA GPUs can process and render this content on a variety of displays. This functionality is computationally-intensive and requires a powerful GPU that can process multiple streams of data and control displaying this data on a variety of different display types.
Q:  What games work with 3D Vision Discover?
A:  The advanced NVIDIA software automatically converts over 350 PC games into stereoscopic 3D. Driver support is integrated into the standard NVIDIA GeForce driver. Games include top-sellers like Left 4 Dead and Burnout Paradise. For a full list of games supported, please click here.
Q:  What GPUs support 3D Vision Discover?
A:  3D Vision Discover supports 3D movie and picture viewing on all GeForce 8 series and higher desktop GPUs. For 3D stereoscopic real-time gaming, you will need a GeForce 8800 GT or higher, GeForce 9800 GT or higher, or GeForce GTS 250 or higher GPUs.
Q:  What operating systems are required to use 3D Vision Discover?
A:  3D Vision Discover works on Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Q:  Do I need a special 120Hz display or 3D Ready display to use 3D Vision Discover?
A:  No. 3D Vision Discover glasses works with any standard desktop display. Actual 3D acuity will vary depending on the display used.
Q:  Does 3D Vision Discover require a separate driver download?
A:  3D Vision Discover support will be included in the standard NVIDIA GeForce desktop graphics drivers.
Q:  Does 3D Vision Discover support notebooks with NVIDIA GPUs?
A:  At this time 3D Vision Discover only works with desktop GPUs. We will be working on adding support for notebook GPUs later this summer.
Q:  How can I get more information on 3D Vision Discover?
A:  Please visit www.nvidia.co.in/Discover3D.
Q:  Where do I get 3D Vision Discover glasses?
A:  NVIDIA 3D Vision Discover will be available bundled with NVIDIA GeForce® GPUs from participating etailers and authorized board partners, available for purchase directly from NVIIDA Store, and available at upcoming tradeshows and events.