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G-SYNC Pendulum Demo

G-SYNC Pendulum Demo

With the Pendulum demo, see how NVIDIA G-SYNC changes gaming by eliminating tearing and minimizing stutter and lag, giving you the smoothest, fastest gaming experience.

Simple to install and run, the interactive Pendulum demo lets you see the stutter caused by V-SYNC, the tearing caused with V-SYNC OFF, and then the tear-free, super smooth presentation with G-SYNC. Experiment with different GPU frame rates, camera angles and scene rotation settings to get a real feel for G-SYNC and start to see gaming differently.

With VSYNC selected, change the GPU frame rate. As the frames per second drop below the maximum refresh rate of the monitor, notice the stutter in the pendulum’s swing. With “noVSYNC” selected, try different GPU frame rates and immediately notice tearing on the screen. And with G-SYNC selected, you’ll see a smooth, tear-free image.
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Launched with:
29 October 2013
Supported Platform(s) (OS):
Windows 7
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 64-bit
Windows 10
Windows 10 64-bit