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Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Demo

Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Demo

It was the peak of the Cold War, and President John F Kennedy responded to years of Russian dominance in space by committing that we would take a man to the moon and back again. With the Apollo 11 mission, that oath was fullfilled.

Or was it?

There are conspiracy theorists who believe that the photos are forgeries because of inconsistencies in the lighting. Why can Buzz Aldrin be seen when he is in a shadow? Why aren’t there any stars? Did we just see a studio light?

Powered by NVIDIA Maxwell™ GPU architecture and Epic’s UE4 and using NVIDIA’s Voxel Global Illumination (or VXGI) we explore the Apollo 11 landing site and put the landmark photo of Buzz Aldrin descending to the moon’s surface to the test.
[484 MB]
Launched with:
Maxwell (GeForce GTX 980 and 970)
07 April 2015
Minimum Spec:
GeForce GTX 970
Supported Platform(s) (OS):
Windows 7
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8
Windows 8 64-bit