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FreeBSD Display Driver – x64

Version: 550.40.07 BETA
Release Date: 2024.1.24
Operating System: FreeBSD x64
Language: English (India)
File Size: 136.66 MB

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Additional information
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Wayland applications to run at less than one frame per second on Maxwell, Volta, and Pascal series GPUs.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the "NoMaxPClkCheck" mode validation token from working on single-link TMDS (e.g. DVI, HDMI) outputs.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed VRR displays to be driven below their minimum refresh rate, resulting in a blank or flickering image.
  • Added an application profile to improve Kwin performance on hybrid GPU systems by setting OGL_DEDICATED_HW_STATE_PER_CONTEXT=ENABLE_ROBUST.
  • Added support for nvidia-drm on FreeBSD via linuxkpi.
  • Optimized the X driver headless framerate limiter to more closely mimic upstream behavior and prevent it from activating in inconvenient situations. Added a new X config option "LimitFrameRateWhenHeadless" to disable the headless framerate limiter.
  • Updated build infrastructure shared by several utilities such as nvidia-xconfig and nvidia-settings to more consistently use "x86_64" as a target architecture name.  This may cause a change in the output directory for build artifacts from, e.g., "_out/FreeBSD_amd64" to "_out/FreeBSD_x86_64".
  • Added support for lld in the nvidia-settings build.
  • Added experimental HDMI 10 bits per component support; enable by loading nvidia-modeset with `hdmi_deepcolor=1`.
  • Added support to the NVIDIA VDPAU driver for running in Xwayland. Please refer to the "Xwayland support in VDPAU" section of the README for further details.
  • Added to the driver package. This is a helper library used for GPU shader compilation.
  • Removed from the driver package. This helper library is no longer needed by the Wayland WSI.