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GTX 1650


NVIDIA Studio Driver


Help Tips

  • Are you looking for a driver update for an older (legacy) product?
    • Using Option 1, select Legacy in the Product Type drop-down.
  • Are you unsure what product you own?
    • Try using Option 2 to automatically detect your hardware.
  • Are you having trouble with the Option 2?
    • At this time, we recommend that you use Windows Internet Explorer when using Option 2.
    • Option 2 can only detect your hardware if you currently have an NVIDIA driver installed. If you are doing a fresh installation of your operating system and do not have a driver installed, please use Option 1.
    • We welcome your feedback on Option 2 here.
  • Are you having issues in new Quadro Download Type?
    To better support our Quadro and Professional Solution products, the new download type will guide you to find the best fit driver with specific purpose and product combination -
    • Optimal Driver for Enterprise (ODE) - This is the long lifecycle driver branch providing ISV Certification, optimal stability and performance for Quadro customers. This is the driver that is most commonly deployed at enterprises
    • Quadro New Feature (QNF) Driver - The driver is a short lived branch where new Quadro features are deployed initially. Typically support for new Game Engines as well as new VR headsets are also introduced in this driver branch before rolling into the ODE driver