Data Center Management Tools
Important applications. Industry-standard tools. Now accelerated.
Data Center Management Tools. Important applications. Industry-standard tools. Now accelerated.

NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager

Simple, Powerful GPU Management in the Accelerated Data Center

NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager (DCGM) is a complete suite of enterprise-grade tools for managing the accelerated data center. IT managers now have the power to implement system policies, monitor GPU health, diagnose system events, and maximize data center throughput.

Managing and monitoring the accelerated data center has never been easier.

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Simple, Powerful GPU Management in the Accelerated Data Center

Maximize Uptime

  • Real-Time Monitoring to get ahead of potential productivity loss by identifying issues quickly
  • Active Diagnostics to root cause problems by running targeted diagnostic tests

Streamline Administration

  • Flexible Policy Governance to automate policies and streamline administration
  • Discovery and Configuration Management to analyze system configurations and restore settings across reboot

Manage Performance and Power

  • Power Management to control application power efficiency with dynamic power capping on GPUs
  • Synchronous Clock Management to keep GPUs across the data center in sync based on target workload and power budgets
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