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Sequencing and protein docking are very compute-intensive tasks that see a large performance benefit by using a CUDA-enabled GPU. There is quite a bit of ongoing work on using GPUs for a range of bioinformatics and life sciences codes.

With the introduction of NVIDIA Tesla Bio Workbench, it provides bio-physicists and computational chemists the tools to push the boundaries of bio-chemical research, optimizing the scientific workflow and accelerating the pace of research. Learn more.

BGI Speeds Genome Analysis with GPUs
Learn how Chinese genomics powerhouse BGI used NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to accelerate DNA sequencing.

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Accelerating HMMER using GPUs
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MUMmerGPU: High-through DNA sequence alignment using GPUs
Schatz, et al


Bioinformatics Software using CUDA Technical Reports on CUDA for Bioinformatics Presentations

GPU Technology Conference 2012:

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