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Blu Ray 3D


Want to experience 3D movies at home? Bring the 3D movie experience to your 3D PC
with NVIDIA 3D Vision and watch the latest Blu-ray 3D movies in the comfort
of your home.
Highest-Quality 3D Video Available

Highest-Quality 3D Video Available

Enjoy 3D movies at full 1080p resolution with NVIDIA 3D Vision high-tech active shutter glasses.
High-Definition Audio

High-Definition Audio

Discover the ultimate Blu-ray 3D experience with high-definition, 24-bit multi-channel audio at up to 192 KHz or lossless DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio bitstreaming with select GeForce GPUs and compatible Blu-ray 3D movies.[1][4][5]
Enhanced System Performance

Enhanced System Performance

NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs include a powerful, dedicated video processor that offloads your computer's CPU of complex video tasks to enable a premium movie experience. Lower CPU utilization can result in reduced power consumption, less heat and noise, and longer battery life for notebook users.
Multiple 3D Displays Options

Multiple 3D Displays Options

A large selection of 3D monitors are available from multiple vendors to let you enjoy Blu-ray 3D movies on your 3D Vision PC at full 1080p resolution.[3] You can also enjoy Blu-ray 3D movies in the comfort of your living room through GeForce 200, 300, 400 and 500 series PCs connected to HDMI 1.4-compliant 3D televisions.[1][2][5]

[1] Requires NVIDIA R260.50 or higher drivers.
[2] Refer to the 3D Vision system requirements page for a list of compliant GeForce GPUs
[3] Refer to the 3D Vision system requirements page for a full list of HDCP-compliant 3D Vision Ready displays.
[4] Windows 7 only.
[5] A Blu-ray movie player update may be required; check with your movie players software manufacturers for more details.

Here's what you need in order to playback Blu-ray 3D movies on your PC:
  • Compatible NVIDIA GeForce GPU
  • HDCP-compliant 3D Vision-ready display. Please check the 3D Vision system requirements page for a full list of displays.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 32-bit or 64-bit
  • 2x speed Blu-ray drive
  • Blu-ray 3D-enabled movie player application*

* NVIDIA works with ArcSoft, Corel, CyberLink, and Roxio to ensure their latest players offer exceptional Blu-ray 3D playback when paired with GeForce GPUs and 3D Vision technology

blu-ray 3D movies
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